Thanks again!

The Firelight Group again thanks the many people who contributed to the now-completed ITKF.

Firelight conducted a wide-ranging engagement process to elicit input for the ITKF. We are grateful for the input we received from the representatives of all four CEMA caucuses: Aboriginal Communities, Industry, Government, and NGO. We are also very grateful to CEMA’s Traditional Knowledge Working Group (TKWG), which provided leadership and guidance throughout the project, and on the content and structure of the draft ITKF. Firelight Group was honoured and humbled by the many people who generously gave their time and expertise to make the ITKF a better document.

The ITKF is the final output of Phase 3 of the TKWG’s larger ITKF initiative. The initiative had commenced in 2013 when CEMA issued a public RFP for a literature review. The second phase was a methodology study. The third phase commenced in the spring of 2014. Firelight was selected as the contractor, and a news release was issued in May 2014.  Input channels were immediately opened, via a website that accepted comments directly, a dedicated email address, a toll-free phone number, and our hardcopy mailing address. Contact information was provided for several Community Coordinators who kindly volunteered to receive and forward input.

In addition, we undertook a series of events in order to boost input from all four CEMA caucus sectors (including organizations represented in the caucuses, and other organizations from those sectors). These events took place over the course of the evolution of the principles, policy options and successive drafts, and included the following:

  • Monthly update reports and meetings with CEMA’s TKWG.
  • In-person meetings in July and August 2014 with representatives from 7 communities in North Eastern Alberta as well as members of CEMA.
  • A workshop attended by 35 participants in August 2014, held at the Nistawoyou Friendship Centre in Fort McMurray. The workshops and meetings were well-attended by Aboriginal community representatives throughout the project, and included very useful conversations.
  • Articles in CEMA’s newsletter, The Insider.
  • October 2014 workshop for Government representatives. This workshop was very well attended, and the conversation was very useful.
  • October 2014 workshop for Industry representatives, preceded by invitations to companies and industry associations, follow up phone calls and reminder emails. Only one industry representative attended, and none called the conference call line, but the conversation was still very useful.
  • October 2014 workshop for NGO representatives. Several representatives attended, and the conversation was very useful.
  • January 2015 conference calls for Industry, Government and NGO caucuses
  • February 2015 workshop with communities
  • March 2015 presentation to CEMA AGM
  • June 2015 conference call with several Industry representatives.
  • June 2015 leadership summit

We thank all who provided comments; the draft was truly the product of many minds.  Of course, not every suggestion ended up in the text of the draft, and the draft could not reflect 100% of what any organization would desire. This does not mean that suggestions were ignored, but rather that there was a range of views on many of the elements of the ITKF.¹ Nonetheless, we are grateful for all views received; they all helped to stimulate discussion and make the draft stronger.

In the summer of 2015, the final draft ITKF was provided to the TKWG for its review, amendments and approval, and that of CEMA’s board.

¹ For example, one commenter suggested that the ITKF not address the use of TK in regulatory decisions. Another commenter from the same caucus supported the use of TK in regulatory decisions, as did commenters from other sectors. In the end, the ITKF addressed the use of TK in regulatory decisions.
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Final Indigenous Traditional Knowledge Framework

The Indigenous Traditional Knowledge Framework has been finalized and approved by CEMA.  CEMA’s press release notes that “Members of the Cumulative Environmental Management Association voted on December 2, 2015 to approve the Indigenous Traditional Knowledge Framework. The Framework will be forwarded to the Provincial and Federal Governments along with recommendations for implementation.”


ITKF Image


With the TKWG’s finalization of the text, and the CEMA Board’s approval of the ITKF, the current phase of the project has come to an end.  Many thanks to those who provided their ideas and comments throughout the project!  Please feel free to contact Dave Thompson at the Firelight Group for more information:

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Elders Workshop August 13, 2015

Many thanks to the dozens of Aboriginal Community Elders who attended the TK Framework session held at the workshop at Fort McMurray Metis Local #1935!

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Leadership summit – thanks!

Thanks to the many participants who contributed at the leadership summit, held June 10 and 11, 2015.

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RSVP to the June Leadership Summit now available online.

You can now register online to the June Leadership Summit!

RSVP Button

Download our Draft Agenda:

LS Agenda TC

Or visit our Leadership Summit Page for more details.

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Ready for Review: Draft Traditional Knowledge Framework

The Draft Traditional Knowledge Framework is ready for review!

Download Here or visit the Library page for more formats.

Draft TKF cover

Your input on the Draft TKF needs to be received by May 31, 2015, and the sooner the better. Comments, suggestions and other input can be submitted:

  • On our Contact Page
  • by email to
  • by toll-free phone call to Sarah Reid at 1-844-874-0022 or
  • by post to Traditional Knowledge Framework, Firelight Group, Suite 253 – 560 Johnson Street, Victoria, BC, V8W 3C6. 

The Draft TK Framework is the product of the Traditional Knowledge Framework Project, a project initiated by CEMA.  It is to be accompanied by a Practitioner Guidance document that will help identify tools and practices for the day-to-day implementation of the TK Framework for Aboriginal communities, industry, government and NGOs.  

Thank you for your time and participation throughout the process. We look forward to hearing more of your thoughts on this exciting project.

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Update on February TKF Workshop 2015

IMG_0456  IMG_0447

TKF Workshop Summary Feb 2015 Final




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Upcoming Community Workshop!


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Feedback still welcome for the Draft Options Discussion Paper!

The TK Framework team is continuing to collect feedback on the Draft Options discussion paper. The team has had successful phone calls with NGO, industry, and government and is gearing up for community meetings the weeks of January 26th and February 9th, 2015. Further comments are welcome as the deadline  for feedback is Feb 28th, 2015!



Ready to provide feedback? Have questions? Reach us through our Contact page.


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TK Framework Draft Options Discussion Paper

TKF Draft Options Community Poster for DownloadDownload a copy of the discussion paper from our Library page or click on the image below.


Ready to provide feedback? Reach us through our Contact page.

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